Panoramic glazing: how to combine strength, warmth and confidentiality

Today, the so-called specific apartments are popular, which means the presence of panoramic windows. This housing can be found in many high-rise buildings; even the owners of cottages fall in the nature of the window in the floor. Panoramic windows provide a magnificent view, excellent natural light and add room special highlight.However, the owners of such apartments should take into account a number of nuances.

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The quality of the windows from the builder often leaves much to be desired, and in the case of panoramic glazing this can be a big problem. First, large windows in themselves are a very complex construction, which should be light and at the same time strong. Secondly, because of their size, they can cause serious heat loss in winter.

The most stable are the panoramic windows, consisting of several cells, reinforced with reinforced elements and decorative supports. However, this significantly increases the weight of the entire system. "To simplify the design, it is recommended not to break a single window into a multitude of squares, but install a 7-chamber PVC profile with a possible glazing thickness of 52 millimeters, which will allow the use of a strong glass," explains the product manager of the Schüco PVC systems and accessories department Stanislav The French.

The company's specialists have developed a profile suitable for panoramic glazing - Schüco LivIng, which can withstand the load both from the inside and outside (the bustle of the elements or just a strong wind). At the same time, the design itself will look light and airy without unnecessary bindings.

For security purposes, panoramic windows must have a fall protection system. Experts recommend protective fences from chrome rods or glass - they are installed directly on the window profile and harmoniously fit into the style of the house. Glass, and therefore, transparent protection will not prevent the survey, and the bar will help arrange individual accents on the facade. It is also important that the systems can be used in both old and new buildings.

But even at the design stage of the future house you need to think about the placement of panoramic windows. It is recommended to install them in the southern and south-eastern part of the building, taking into account the prevailing wind direction in order to reduce heat loss. If we are talking about a finished apartment, it is worth using glazing technologies that meet the standards of passive construction. Then, even with a minimum of sunlight, the windows will accumulate heat.

Having dealt with the technical side of the question, it is necessary to proceed to the interior design of a room with panoramic glazing. It is important to take into account not only the tastes and lifestyle of residents, but also the emotional factor. The windows in the floor blur the border between the house and the street, but not everyone is psychologically comfortable living in such an open space. Even if there is a reflective coating on the glass, a person may feel uncomfortable.

In addition, it is worth considering the protection from sunlight, because in the summer it is fraught with heat in the room, burning furniture and carpets. The most common way is to use curtains or blinds, but at a window height of more than three meters it is very inconvenient.

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